Friday, March 27, 2009

Vivienne Westwood S/S 2009 Ready to Wear

The theme is 'Do it yourself'

Vivienne do this show because she was inspired by the rainforest. she want to save the rainforest and encourage us not to consume, that is "less consume, but do it yourself".

I believe that Vivienne want to show the color of the rainforest, therefore she use yellow and brown( lower value of orange) as a key color. As you can see Vivienne Westwood use more models with darker color skin.

Vivienne Westwood use analgous scheme. First one combine with brown, yellow and yellow green, which is adjacent colors.

Then she uses mono chromatic scheme. you see, there is same hue but different shade and tint.

Vivienne Westwood also use Triad, you can see there are red, blue and yellow.

And lastly, she use achromatic scheme

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