Monday, March 30, 2009

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2009 Ready to wear

Vivienne Westwood want to arouse our awareness about the envrionment issue in her collection "+5°," the meaning of "+5°" is that 5 degrees are counted to rise as CO2 levels skyrocket. She spread the message onto the T-shirt

I think that Vivienne want to shows that we should do something to cool down the earth temperature. Therefore, she use mostly blue - cool color as a key colour to represent the message.

I think it is hard to analaysis her color scheme by whole collection. So, I just take a few for an example.

Vivienne Westwood use mono-chromatic scheme. You can see that 1st picture, even the material and the hue is the same, but the tint and tone of colour are different, so it creates a harmonious effect. 2nd picture is also use different tint and tone and even different material, and it match with the colour of the shoes, which has a little bit red.

Also, she uses achromatic scheme. The proportion of this scheme is quite small in the collection.

And finally, she use complementary color scheme. This scheme is not easy to observe because Vivienne use contrasting color with differnt value.

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